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Imanda Cherri Rosa
Katya Jaime Lola

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Cherri for Madame FiHoney Three: Cherri - Defines most people’s expectation of a slut.

Age: 28

Nationality: British.

Breasts: 38 inch. Impressive, natural, matron-like with huge, rock-hard nipples. F Cup.

Waist: 31 inch.

Hips: 41 inch.

Love Cavern: Shaved to reveal tattoo of a heart with the words ‘eat your heart out’ above it.

Dress Size: 16.  Curvaceous, hourglass figure. Men are drawn to her and seem to have the urge to take good care of her.

Hair: Peroxide-blonde, shoulder-length, sixties-style bob.

Eyes: Jade.

Skin: Light all-over tan.

Specialises:  Anal - she likes it bollock-deep. Can take two men at the same time, also enjoys eating pussy.

Piercings: Two in her enormous clitoris.

Tattoos: Vagina as mentioned above. A handcuff tattooed on each wrist so that when she raises her fists towards her face it looks as if she is in cuffs.  Huge 3D angel-wings which cover almost the whole of her back. Perfectly straight pencil-lines down the back of each leg, complete with very sexy, lacy stocking-tops.

Background: Known to her friends and Bees as The Dark Angel, Cherri finally found release from years of self-harming, brought on by neglect by her drug addict parents, through sex, and lots of it.  Now finding the attention she has long since craved, sex gives her the closest thing to love, if only for a precious moment.  Her sexy tattoos, some done to cover scars of long ago, drive men wild. She oozes sex-appeal, and her hint of ‘damaged goods’ make them quickly come to adore her, want to protect her and want to see her time and time again. 

Sexy Secret: Before the untimely deaths of her drug addict parents, as they made their oblivious way in and out of various rehabilitation clinics.  Cherri, throughout her young life, was often neglected. As she passed from one foster home to another, she soon realised the power of her own pussy and put it to good use at every opportunity, often mistaking sex for true love she craved.  Her most memorable time was at the age of seventeen in the early hours one morning, as she tipsily made her way home.  She had seduced two policemen who were patrolling the eerily deserted streets of the big city where she lived.  They had taken her up the back ally in more ways than one.  To her, their unexpected and frantic encounter was the most erotic one of her entire life. She still dreams about the handsome, horny officers who had hand cuffed her before doing forbidden things to her with their rock-hard love truncheons.

                                                                  Madame Fi

Madame Fi
copyright 2018