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Imanda Cherri Rosa
Katya Jaime Lola

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Imanda for Madame FiHoney: Imanda - Has the longest legs and neck to match, stands out in a desire her shamelessly.

Age: 20

Nationality: South African.

Breasts: 34 inch. Pert B cup.

Waist: 25 inch.

Hips: 36 inch.

Love Cavern: Full bush.

Dress Size: 10.

Hair: Cropped black.

Eyes: Ebony.

Skin: Rich, dark, chocolate.

Specialises: Anal, dominatrix. Eats pussy like no other.  

Piercings: Ears (six in one and two in the other), clitoris.

Tattoos: None.

Background: Born in South Africa, Imanda hated the constraints of her poor upbringing. She hated hearing her exhausted mother, having worked three jobs each day, finally cry herself to sleep night after night in their shared bed.  She hated everything POOR stood for and was determined to do better for herself.  Graced by God with a body to drive men to distraction, she quickly tuned into all the glory it was able to provide her with.  She has ‘wild’ and ‘passion’ written all over her strikingly beautiful face. Men dream of kissing her full, pouty African lips and dying inside her unbelievably long legs.

Sexy Secret: From the age of fourteen Imanda was regarded as a pleasant God fearing young girl.  Always willing to stay behind after every Sunday church service to help out.  But, it wasn’t just the prayer books Imanda collected. She spent most of her time knelt down at the altar, sucking off the horny old organist. The money which he paid her to keep both his weekly pleasure coming, and her pretty mouth shut, meant the difference between Imanda and her hard-working, exhausted mother, keeping a roof over their heads.

                                                                Madame Fi

Madame Fi
copyright 2018