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Honey Seven: Jaime Bisexual, think Adonis.Jamie for Madame Fi

Age: 28

Nationality: Spanish.

Body:  Well-defined muscular body with irresistible six pack which commands your eyes downwards over his sexy chevron and into his red-hot zone. Powerful thighs and perfectly formed butt thanks to years of riding horses and Bees. Hairy legs and silky hairy chest, but back, sack and crack always waxed to smooth perfection. Jaime doesn’t believe in wearing pants.

Sex Pole: HUGE. It is fiercely envied by all men who catch sight of it at the urinals. Every red hot blooded Homo sapiens’ wildest dream ‘cum’ true.

Height: Just under six feet.

Shoe Size: 11.

Hair: Thick, jet-black, silky to the touch.

Eyes: Ebony-black and they hold the darkest, naughtiest secrets of all.

Skin: Always tanned, sexy shade of bronze.

Specialises: A-Z of the handbook A-Z of HOT sex.  You name it, he’s done it, with style.  He is the most memorable fuck anyone could have.

Piercings: Left nipple. Left ear in which he always wears a sizable, square, diamond stud.

Tattoos: None.

Background: Known to both his friends and Bees as the Spanish Stallion, and blessed with a penis which certainly matches up in size to that of his namesake, Jaime is the dream playmate of a lifetime. He oozes red-hot sex appeal by the bucket-load and is bisexual to boot, his motto being ‘every hole’s a goal’. He is so handsome that his pure charisma has been known to turn straight men, if only for a split second. I challenge anyone NOT to desire him. Very few Bees fail to return for more succulent nectar from this Adonis of a Honey.

Sexy Secret: Two years ago Jaime had a threesome with the mother and sister of his best friend, who he both regards as a brother and, loves like no other. Although at the time, it had been a mind-blowing sexy experience, enjoyed immensely by all three.  The burden of guilt he still carries because of it, sometimes overwhelms him. He is furious with himself for having allowed his cock to rule his head that fateful night.  He lives in hope and prays to God daily, that his best friend never finds out.

                                                                Madame Fi

Madame Fi
copyright 2018