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Imanda Cherri Rosa
Katya Jaime Lola

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Imanda for Madame FiHoney Five: Katya - Has an air of mystery men find irresistible.

Age: 21

Nationality: Russian.

Breasts: 35 inch. Pert with cherry-like nipples. D cup.

Waist: 28 inch.

Hips: 38 inch.

Love Cavern: Unkempt, wispy fine hair.

Dress Size: 12.

Hair: Natural, fairly short, light-blonde, always tonged to perfection.

Eyes: Hazel.

Skin: Fair.

Specialises:  In riding her Bees, hard and fast.  Can move her hips like no other for as long as it takes and then some.

Piercings: None.

Tattoos: None.

Background: Raised by her favourite aunt following the death of her parents in a fatal car crash at the age of thirteen, Katya quickly learnt her tricks from the very best, her aunt being a lady of the night of the very highest standards, and who could clearly see the potential Katya had.  Men are drawn to her nonchalant manner, which drives their desire to rise to the challenge to possess her. She is no pushover and they like that.  This, coupled with her constantly hard nipples, always ensures her a second glance.

Sexy Secret: Katya, has always played her poor little orphan-girl card shamelessly for her own advantage.  Her strikingly fine complexion and constantly hard nipples drive men to distraction, and she is never backwards in coming forwards to exploit them. Her legal guardian, her stunningly beautiful aunt, who is the epitome of elegance and style, was also her muse from who she learnt everything she knows. Perfecting her sexual art beyond comparison.  She didn’t learn by reading text books or watching pornographic films either, but from practical, almost nightly classes.  Her favourite one being the night her aunt so enthusiastically demonstrated the exact meanings of two very important things, cunnilingus and multiple orgasm.    

                                                    Madame Fi

Madame Fi
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