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Imanda Cherri Rosa
Katya Jaime Lola

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Honey One: Lexi - Voluptuous sex kitten.  Lexi for Madame Fi

Age: 23

Nationality: Spanish.

Breasts: 35 inch. Perfectly executed implants to cup size EEE.

Waist: 27 inch.

Hips: 37 inch.

Love Cavern: Full, thick bush.

Dress Size: 10.

Hair: Brunette (long, mid-way down back, silky, thick).

Eyes: Green.

Skin: Olive (always well-tanned).

Specialises:  Blowjobs (deep throat), soapy tit- wanks.

Piercings: Ears (one in each).

Tattoos: Very delicate oriental flowers on the tops of both feet crawling their way seductively up both legs to the hips, after which they explode from plain black into full colour.

Background:  From a very early age Lexi was all too aware of the power that her alluring, natural beauty had over men and took no time at all in exploiting this fact, driving her devout Catholic parents to despair.  She genuinely enjoys sex and makes no apology for her insatiable appetite for it. A single glance from her sultry eyes brings men to their knees and many women gunning for her red-hot Hispanic blood.

Sexy Secret:  Although the legal age of consent in Spain is thirteen, was it ethically correct when Lexi lost her virginity at this tender age, to her father’s so-called best friend? 

However, Lexi knew exactly what she was doing and was only too aware of the consequences of her father finding out, and so did his now regretful best friend.  To this end Lexi has been reaping the benefits of their dirty little secret ever since.  Every subsequent birthday the present’s just keep getting bigger and better. Last year’s offering being a two thousand Euro designer handbag. The exact bag she just happened to mention to him, in front of her father, at their last family gathering.

                                                               Madame Fi

Madame Fi
copyright 2018