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Imanda Cherri Rosa
Katya Jaime Lola

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Age: 19lola for Madame Fi

Honey: Lola - Innocence per se. 

Age: 19

Nationality: Swedish.

Breasts: 31 inch. Almost flat-chested, looks much younger than she is. AA cup.

Waist: 25 inch.

Hips: 33 inch.

Love Cavern: Always fully-shaved.

Dress Size: 6.

Hair: Natural white blonde, cropped short in boyish style.

Eyes: Piercing-blue.

Skin: Milky-white.

Specialises:  Handjobs, nobody gives them like Lola.

Piercings: None.

Tattoos: None.

Background: Born to wealthy parents and largely left to her own devices as they grew their now vast business empire, leaving the all too pretty Lola suffering from a severe case of poor little rich girl syndrome.  It was not too long before she alleviated her crushing boredom by teasing the life from the men who even fleetingly passed through her hands. Men always look twice at Lola who stirs desires in them they didn’t even know they had.

Sexy Secret: On her sixteenth birthday, the not so sweet and innocent Lola embarked on a wild and passionate eight month affair with her married, lesbian, twenty three year old gymnastics teacher.  Who she still fantasizes about whilst pleasuring herself.  She has never had such intense orgasms with any one else.  They are still in touch and meet up for red-hot, forbidden sexy encounters as often as they can. 

                                                            Madame Fi


Madame Fi
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