Madame Fi - Sexually Explicit PornographyA very warm welcome to the sweet tasting world of Madame Fi.  Step inside The Honey Pot and smother your  taste buds in our delectable honey.

My memory of my father referring to me as a proper little madam was how it all began.  Suddenly I found myself left high and dry by my husband and worse still, it wasn’t just me he walked out on, but our son too.

Faced with losing everything, and with very little money. The cherry on top of the cake was finding out my home was actually on the point of repossession.  I had to think and act fast.  I found unpaid bills everywhere and was left with no other choice than to find a way to make money.  My very own do or die moment.

So, I employed six beautiful female Honeys and one drop dead gorgeous male Honey, to offer comforting services, Madame Fi The Honey Potthankfully as it turns out, to very quickly swarming, horny Bees, turning my home into The Honey Pot.  Sinking every last penny into creating something a little different to what was on offer, and the rest is history.

I hope you enjoy reading both my diary and Sexy Episodes Madame Fi - The Beginningas much as I did writing them for you. Please be fully aware they are sexually explicit and graphic and in my humble opinion, only just enough left to the imagination.

I am now busily working on both the next chapter of my diary and 10 more Sexy Episodes, so please call back again soon for plenty more red hot action in book 2.

With much love,

Madame Fi x  



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