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I Madame Fithank God, daily for all the buzzing, horny Bees who make their excited way to The Honey Pot, eager to taste the sweet nectar of my delectable Honeys. The Bees come from far and wide, I am surprised at the vast distances some are willing to travel, especially over the last year.  As the good word has rapidly spread of the outstanding service on offer from our eclectic, alluring mix, of not only, our six beautiful Honeys but also of our Adonis of a Honey.  I am thrilled, we are even getting bookings from business men and women from as far away as Japan.  

As Madame Fi and her Beesthey leave, I make it my business to escort every Bee to their car personally. It gives me a chance to not only enquire if they have enjoyed their time with us, but also to thank them for their business.  Sometimes we have quite long conversations, and quite a few Bees have told me some very personal things.  Some about their stressful, hectic lives or business woes and some have really opened up to me about their much loved wives or partners and adored families.  Some carry a heavy burden of guilt for the necessity of their visit to the Honeys as they genuinely do love their partners but they also need their, at times overwhelmingly neglected, desires met.

I am a stickler for good manners and always finish by telling them how much I look forward to welcoming them back very soon.  I have unwittingly made some very influential friends, as they pass their business cards or personal contact details to me, saying their help is just a telephone call away.  How kind of them, God bless my Bees.


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