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Madame Fi

Madame Fi

Madame Fi

Madame Fi

Welcome to The Honey Pot.  My beautiful home which is set in five and a half acres of lovingly tended gardens. The lush green grass which costs a small fortune to water and keep looking in top class condition, is a bit of an obsession of mine.  Don’t tell anyone, but I have been known to use a pair of scissors to keep it looking this good. It is my very own little piece of England, right here in hot, sunny Spain. The many varieties of flowers and scrubs, many collected personally from all four corners of the world, ensure all year round colour. There are plenty of evergreen plants and palm trees of various heights too, which balance the overall, breath-taking effect. 

TMadame Fihe main winding stone pathway leads off in two different directions to secret gardens. At the entrance to the herb garden, there is a large olive tree, which is estimated to be over two hundred years old and its’ name is Bob Gnarly, after Bob Marley, because his branches remind me of dreadlocks. He is one of my best friends, I adore him.  I know every gnarled, twisting branch, and every nook and cranny of his huge, deeply-furrowed, enormous trunk.  His vast roots caress the surface of the ground and remind me of long fingers. I have often wished Bob could talk and tell me his innermost secrets, but then realise I have told him way too many of mine over the years, which makes me glad he can’t. 

The other secret garden has a large orange tree to one side and a lemon tree to the other.  This garden is purely for relaxation and there are three comfortable wicker chairs a large coffee table and a huge round day bed with canopy.  At night when the whole garden is lit up, there is no place on earth I would rather be.  The eleven by six metre pool is lined with stunning vivid-blue glass mosaic tiles which glisten like blue diamonds when the sun is at its' best. There is also a separate Jacuzzi pool at one end. My neighbours and friends really enjoy spending time here. Over the years we have had many wonderful gatherings which have lasted way into the early hours of the morning.

I am very fortunate to have, not only a large main house, but also a single storey, two bedroom, casita (annexe), both bedrooms with en-suite facilities.  The accommodation of the main house is ground floor but, at rear there is an enormous balcony which has breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and mountains.  There is an outdoor three piece suite with enormous, unbelievably comfortable squashy cushions.  Large square, rustic coffee table and a separate wet-room with toilet.  Our music system is piped throughout the house, and I have spent many hours lounging around, admiring the stunning view whilst listening to the sexy, soothing tones of Bob Marley.

A huge rustic table and chairs to seat ten people, which is positioned beneath a large, rose covered pagoda which provides beautifully perfumed, much needed shade.   Both buildings are constructed of various gorgeous shades of sandy-coloured natural stone, and the reclaimed ancient old clay tiles of the vast roofs finish both dwellings off to perfection.

The main building has seven bedrooms, all with en-suite facilities.  There is an enormous fitted kitchen with a table and chairs to seat ten people.  A sizeable utility room leads off, with separate toilet and shower.  The lounge is open-plan with a big, ornate wood-burning stove. A separate formal dining room with a massive open fire and superb,Madame Fi highly-polished dining table and chairs for twelve guests.  A door leads from the lounge to what was previously the games room/home gym.  This has now become the dormitory for my adorable Honeys.  The room is so big that it not only easily accommodates all of them, but all the paraphernalia which accompanies six, beautiful, young women.

When we had this house built, we put our heart and soul into every tiny detail.  We literally agonised over every final decision made. 

The thought of losing it was unbearable to me and I am now thankful to both my darling Honeys and their buzzy, horny, high-paying Bees, for providing me with a way in which I can still live here.  That is until my cold, dead body is carried out feet first in a wooden box.

Well Flowers, I hope you enjoy your time at The Honey Pot.  Most people do. 

Madame Fi  
copyright 2018